Rain Regrets That He Had A Very Short Honeymoon Phase With Kim Tae Hee

It inevitably ended very quickly.

Rain recently appeared on tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block where he opened up about his marriage with actress Kim Tae Hee.

As a married man with children, he offered some advice to Jo Se Ho.

Whenever I go home, the first thing I do is pick up my kids’ toys. Enjoy the peace of being single.

— Rain

He then made a confession about his honeymoon phase with Kim Tae Hee.

I love that we fell in love and got married. It’s great. But I wonder how it would’ve been if our honeymoon phase was longer. Ours was short.

— Rain

But it was inevitable.

Our first child was a honeymoon baby, so our honeymoon phase was short.

— Rain

In addition, Rain also revealed what it’s like to live as himself.

I’m very thankful. I don’t know if I deserve to be loved this much.

— Rain

And he also explained what changed since the earlier days in his career now that he’s an established veteran in the industry.

Every day used to be stressful because I always had to prepare something to show everyone. Back then, I’d just answer questions and dance when asked. But now, I think I enjoy myself while doing it.

— Rain

| La Cloud

As a piece of advice to his 20-year-old self, Rain stressed the importance of family.

I’d like to tell him to unload some of his burdens and live comfortably. I’d tell him to take better care of his family.

— Rain

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