Rain And Kim Tae Hee’s Wedding Bands Are Probably Cheaper Than That Of Most Average Couples

Can’t get any cheaper than that.

On a recent episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, Rain appeared to talk about his marriage with Kim Tae Hee.

The couple is well-known for being humble despite their incredible wealth…


…and the amount of money they spent on getting married goes to prove just that.


Rain confessed that their wedding ceremony only cost them ₩1.30 million KRW (about $1,180 USD).

Rain explained that the couple agreed to respect the financial habits of each other and that they don’t even know each other’s financial circumstances.

We agreed not to show interest in each other’s finances. We agreed to respect how each other lived in the past in regards to finances. We don’t have any financial concept of each other. My wife’s money is managed by my mother-in-law.

— Rain

But the most surprising revelation was how much the couple spent on their wedding bands.

We spent ₩250,000 KRW (about $228 USD) on each of our wedding bands.

— Rain

In a world where many couples spend thousands on wedding bands, many are praising Rain and Kim Tae Hee for staying modest no matter how successful they are. No wonder everybody looks up to them!

Source: Insight