Rain Vents About The Hardships Of Working With Park Jin Young

He’s just happy to have gotten rid of him.

Rain just appeared on Mnet‘s I Can Hear Your Voice as a judge where he opened up about the hardships of working with Park Jin Young.

Rain and Park Jin Young recently released their hit song together, called “Switch To Me.”

The two stars, who were known as “master and mentor”, became a hot topic as they worked closely together side by side as a duo.

But when he appeared on I Can Hear Your Voice, Rain confessed that his favorite part about being on the show was the fact that Park Jin Young was not there.

I’m so happy because Jin Young Hyung isn’t here.

— Rain

And he went on to reveal why it was so difficult for him to work alongside JYP as a duo.

When I’m with Park Jin Young, I’m doing everything from adapting to what he wants and even running errands for him.

— Rain

Rain is famous for being a solo artist, so when he decided to collaborate with Park Jin Young as a duo, he came to a clear realization.

I realized why groups are difficult after 20 years [of being a soloist].

— Rain

Rain had also recently participated in the trio, SSAK3, a project group created by MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo. We all love Rain performing in groups, but the struggle is definitely real from his perspective.

Source: Dispatch