Rain Confesses Trauma From His Infamous 5-Minute “Radio Star” Appearance—Featuring Yuna Kim

“I didn’t even want to appear on Radio Star, but you guys begged…”

Rain spoke on his infamous 5-minute Radio Star appearance.

Rain | @rain_oppa/Instagram

On May 11, the singer was a guest on MBC‘s Radio Star. On this day, Rain confessed he had a traumatic experience on Radio Star.

The star stated the reason for his trauma.

I didn’t even want to appear on Radio Star, but you guys begged, and so I recorded for eight hours. However, because Kim Yuna appeared on The Knee-Drop Guru, only five minutes of my broadcast was aired.


Rain stated that he didn’t have any regrets confessd he did receive trauma.

New fans of Radio Star may not know this, but the show was actually a corner segment that aired after The Knee-Drop Guru.

Poster for Knee-Drop Guru | MBC

 In essence, the two shows shared an hour-thirty of air time, with The Knee-Drop Guru airing first, followed by Radio Star. On days where The Knee-Drop Guru had a particularly fun episode, Radio Star would lose air time.

Kang Ho Dong | MBC

Rain appeared on Radio Star on the same day as Olympic Gold-Medalist, figure skater Kim Yuna appeared on The Knee-Drop Guru.

Kim Yuna | MBC

Unfortunately for Rain, Kim Yuna’s episode was so anticipated that The Knee-Drop Guru episode took all but five minutes of air time shared between the two programs. Hence, Rain appeared for five minutes in an episode that will go down in history and serves as a testament to just how popular Queen Yuna was when she reigned.

| @yunakim/Instagram
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