Raina Gets Dissed By Judges For Her “Inappropriate” Outfit On “Miss Back”

“It looks like you forgot to put on your clothes.”

On a recent episode of MBN‘s Miss Back, former After School member, Raina performed a rendition of Kitty Rain, but what she was wearing confused the judges.



As soon as Raina appeared on stage wearing an oversized sweater and slippers, one of the judges, Song Eun Yi didn’t hesitate to express her shock.

It looks like you forgot to put on your clothes. Are those slippers?

— Song Eun Yi


In response, Raina explained that it was a part of her stage concept.

Since my concept is a heartbroken woman, I decided to perform in more comfortable clothes.

— Raina

Raine then went on to perform while sitting on the couch.

But the criticisms carried on after the performance.

Song Eun Yi was against the concept she chose.

It looked like an music video set. You started with bare feet, but when you struggled to put your slippers on, I thought it would’ve been better if you just kept them off.

— Song Eun Yi

And Baek Ji Young criticized that she was against everything about the performance.

I didn’t like any of that. It would’ve been okay for a music video, bu tthat was a stage performance. The way you moved also brought down your singing ability.

— Baek Ji Young

Check out the performance below:

Source: Dispatch