Raina Reveals The Sad Extent Of The Hate Comments She Gets During Live Broadcast

Poor Raina…

On a recent episode of MBN‘s Miss Back, former After School and Orange Caramel member, Raina revealed the shocking extent of the hate comments she receives during her live broadcasts.

In a clip, Raina was shown holding a live broadcast in her room.

But her face soon turned stiff when she discovered a series of hate comments on the screen.

The hate comments included “I thought you gave up being a celebrity when After School went under“, “Were you always this boring?“, and “You’re nothing without Nana and Lizzy“.

One comment even said, “Singers should sing“, to which Raina expressed her own opinion out loud.

I don’t think it’s right for you to demand that singers should sing at all times.

— Raina

But that’s not all.

While watching her own clip from the studio, Raina shared the hate comment she gets the most.

A lot of people leave comments saying, ‘This girl resorted to this kind of thing because she failed as a singer.’

— Raina

The shocking extent of the hate Raina gets online has other netizens showing their sympathy through comments such as “I don’t know why they have to comment like that“, “They should say that with their real names“, and “I hope she can ignore all of that hate“.


Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight