Random Photo Of A Cat On Twitter Is The Latest BTS Meme

“Pls drop the Agust D fancam!”

The latest BTS meme is a random photo of a cat.

Twitter account Dont Show Your Cat boasts 437.7K followers. It shares a variety of funny cat photos and videos.

Recently, a photo was shared of a black and white cat appearing to aggressively meow at someone taking a photo of it. It went viral with 9.1M views and 299.6K likes at the time of writing.

Over 600 users quoted-tweeted the original post, and unsurprisingly, many were ARMYs. They compared it to themselves attending SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” Tour.

Most tweets included an iconic quote or lyric from Suga, imagining what the cat was “saying.”

Of course, a lot of ARMYs also quote-tweeted an image of Suga himself, likening it to the photo of the cat.

A few ARMYs compared the funny meme to the photo RM previously shared of himself taking a photo of a cat. At the time, he tagged Suga’s Instagram account.

ARMYs can’t see a cat and not see Suga. He is our Lil Meow Meow, after all!

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