Rapper BE’O Accused By Former Staff Of Alleged Emotional Abuse And Power Tripping

The accuser claimed to have worked closely with him.

Rapper BE’O, who rose to fame on Show Me The Money, has been accused of power tripping and emotional abuse. Someone who claims to have worked closely with BE’O as a manager of sorts stepped up to share the mental duress he experienced while working with BE’O.

The exposer accused BE’O of “betrayal,” claiming that BE’O was never thankful or apologetic for anything he did for him.

I’m going to reveal the truth about BE’O (Yoo Chan Wook). Thanks to BE’O, I’ve had to live with diagnosed suicidal impulses, separation anxiety, panic disorder. I’m also the one who first chose BE’O when he was in the amateur stage of his career after seeing the desperate email he sent. During his relatively unknown days, when he had it hard, as a hyung I would use my own money to buy him meals and drinks whenever he came to look for me. I would listen to him and cheer him on, saying that he will succeed. I trusted him and would not hesitate to help him if it was within my capabilities, even acting has his manager.

But after BE’O got attention through Show Me The Money, he did a 180 and totally changed his attitude. Whenever something happened, he would of course get annoyed, and also he would blame me whenever things didn’t end up well due to his own carelessness and faults, and acted in a way that I cannot understand. I have tried to hold it in time and time again. As he was a dongsaeng that I trusted, I tried hard to understand. But I’ve been the victim of multiple occasions of celebrity power abuse and personal attacks from someone that is 15 years younger than me. I can’t forget the browbeating and until now, I’m living in hell with my teeth trembling from the embarrassment and humiliation.

— bbbbtttt02

He also explained that BE’O’s song, “Brand,” was plagiarized, claiming that the original writer had been paid off. The exposer’s friend created a comparison of the original song and BE’O’s and uploaded onto YouTube.

The exposed continues to lament about the “emotional abuse” he suffered due to BE’O.

It’s true that the song “Brand” of his is plagiarized. The original writer sent an email about the plagiarism, and to solve that matter, we paid up and although things were glossed over as if nothing had happened, I was so disappointed and shocked by how BE’O didn’t acknowledge it or even thank me. There was once where he desperately wanted to film a music video, so I transferred him money of my personal expense and he turned the tables and requested for me to bring the money for filming to him, turning me into a despicable human being with his lies.

After some time, I don’t know what got into him, but he called me in a voice that sounded drunk and he just made excuses in an ambiguous way, like he was acknowledging his mistakes but also not. At the end, he didn’t even say sorry to me and I cried all night at this unbelievable sense of betrayal.

I’m struggling to pretend like I’m fine in front of people as I hold on using medicine but due to the depression and anger that I feel towards BE’O, I currently cannot live a normal life and continue my life in the hospital.

The above has been my experience, and I have evidence materials and recordings that relate to them above. If he refutes my post, I will respond with the facts I’m holding on to. I don’t wish for an apology or any of that. I’m mustering up the courage to expose this with much difficulty, even though I’m scared to death, because I’m tortured by how he mentally abuses someone while pretending to be all innocent in front of the public.

I plan to reveal the truth behind how BE’O (Yoo Chan Wook) is fooling everyone, about his two faced, crooked personality, and about how he’s confidently promoting despite turning someone into this. Even as I’m writing this, I feel so pathetic and don’t want to live.

— bbbbtttt02

BE’O has not yet responded to the claims. BE’O is a rapper that rose to fame with the song “Counting Stars.”

Source: Instagram