Rapper BeWhy Announces Birth Of His Daughter

He’s a father now!

Rapper BeWhy has a new family member. He announced the birth of his daughter on January 13, 2022. He thanked fans and friends for their well-wishes through a heartfelt Instagram post.

He wittily nicknamed himself “A-BeWhy,” after the Korean term for dad — “aebi.”

I’m thankful that God granted me such a day in my life. I’m thankful that God gave me our daughter, Siha. Siha’s mom, you really really suffered the most for 26 hours. Siha, I hope that you will always be looking towards God. Dad will let you listen to my album first.

Kids, I’m now going to live life as a dad. #A-BeWhy

— BeWhy

BeWhy married after announcing his plans to wed his partner of 8 years in 2020. The couple met when they were 20, and married at 28. They have been married for two years. On the other hand, BeWhy won the 5th season of Show Me The Money and plans on releasing an album soon.

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