Rappers BewhY And Khundi Panda Share Apologies For Their “Rude Behaviors”, Only To Fuel The Controversy

Fans found the “ctrl c + ctrl v” apologies to be insincere.

Following their recent “controversial” appearance on KBS Cool FM‘s Kiss The Radio, rappers BewhY and Khundi Panda took to their Instagram accounts to share apologies.

Khundi Panda (left), DAY6’s Young K (center), and BewhY (right) | @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

The two rappers faced criticism for displaying “rude behaviors” toward not only the fans watching and listening…

Young K: Listener 8278 says, “Khundi-oppa, please say my name. It’s my wish for the new year. My name is Jiyeon.” Would this be okay?
Khundi Panda: I don’t really want to, but… What is it she wants me to say?
Young K: I think she wants to hear you say her name, that is all.
Khundi Panda: Jiyeon-ah.
Young K: Thank you so much! Let’s move on. Looks like we’re getting another live performance from you two?

… but also the host, DAY6‘s Young K.

Young K: Would it be possible for you to try an acrostic poem?
BewhY: No, I don’t think that would be possible.
Young K: Not possible, I see.

The agency, Dejavu Group — where BewhY is founder and CEO, uploaded an official apology…

| @bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram

[Apology] On January 15 at 10PM, Dejavu Group’s artists BewhY and Khundi Panda appeared on KBS Cool FM’s Kiss The Radio with DAY6 and displayed inappropriate behavior, causing an inconvenience to the listeners. We sincerely apologize for this.

We would like to apologize to the show host DAY6’s Young K, along with the Kiss The Radio production team, DAY6’s fans, and all listeners who may have been offended by our actions.

— Dejavu Group

… claiming the rappers have “reviewed the program and reflected on what may have seemed inappropriate.”

| @dejavugroup.official/Instagram

Since then, the two artists and every agency staff have reviewed the program and reflected on the parts that may have seemed offensive to the listeners. This process allowed us to understand the basics of media. We know what we did wrong and what we must learn and fix from this.

We got in touch with the host and the production team to apologize. We have taken to Instagram to genuinely apologize to everyone who watched the show and felt uncomfortable with us. We’re sorry.

— Dejavu Group

BewhY and Khundi Panda also uploaded the same statement to their personal accounts…

Khundi Panda’s Instagram upload. | @nothermaturesgold/Instagram

… though this gesture of “copy-pasting without adding any personal messages” has now only added fuel to the fire.

Why is it that these so-called ‘rappers‘ can’t speak for themselves now that they’ve messed up? One washed-out apology is barely acceptable. But to get two more word-per-word copies? Sincerely apologize, my a*s. K-Hiphop is dead.

— Comment from Khundi Panda’s Instagram

Some K-Hiphop fans came to the rappers’ defense, calling it “hiphop humor“, but most fans remain heavily disappointed — in not only the behavior, but also the apologies that followed.

Source: theqoo