Rappers BewhY And Khundi Panda Criticized For Rude Behavior On DAY6 Young K’s “Kiss The Radio”

Some are defending the duo.

Rappers Khundi Panda and BewhY recently appeared as guests on an episode of KBS Cool FM‘s Kiss The Radio as hosted by DAY6‘s Young K. However, what took viewers aback was their rude behavior.

It was reported that during the first segment where the host, Young K, was diligently introducing the rappers, the rappers were instead playing around taking selfies to upload on Instagram.

| XSports News

When asked to showcase his hit song, “VVS”, live, Khundi Panda claimed he forgot the lyrics to it. Apart from that, while reading fan comments, it was said that Khundi Panda responded to a fan asking for him to call her name as a New Year’s wish by questioning them, “I don’t want to do it… It’s a New Year’s wish…? So I just need to say your name?

The rappers have been under critique for lack of etiquette on the radio show, while some defend their behavior as hiphop humor.

Source: Xsports News