Rapper BewhY Is Taunted And Receives Hate Comments After Calling Out RPS Fan Fiction Perversion

Others have stepped forward as well.

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

In a surprising turn of events, rapper BewhY has been receiving malicious comments after using a hashtag to call out fan fiction perversion.

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On January 10th in a now deleted post, BewhY used a hashtag that supported punishing those who create extremely inappropriate fan fiction stories. These stories are known as RPS or “Real Person Slash”. The hashtag he used that started the outpour of hate was #rpsisasexualoffense. The rapper who gained fame after winning Show Me The Money 5 was only doing his part in calling out those who have been going too far with these stories, but he started to receive some nasty responses from his so-called “fans.”

RPS has been circulating heavily online due to their inappropriate story content. This type of “fan fiction” has only been targeting male idols, naturally creating homosexual love lines. RPS has caused a bigger outrage since the creators of these stories include those who are minors in South Korea. For some bizarre reason, RPS has been gaining extreme momentum through Korea’s online communities. With the sexually explicit storylines and the usage of minors, Korean netizens have decided to take matters into their own hands. They created a Blue House National Petition in order to get punishment for the perpetrators.

NOT RPS. Example of appropriate fan fiction art | @ddolong2/Twitter

On the other side of the spectrum, some netizens are arguing that this is just how fans display their love for their favorite idols. Fan fictions have existed far before this current generation of idols, with them going back as far as the original K-Pop idols such as H.O.T.Sechskies, and god. The problem lies in the disturbing content, however, and not just the overall fan fiction theme that K-Pop fans have come to know.

Appropriate Sechkies fan fiction. “I’m Still A Sechskies Member” | Min Mercury/Wattpad

RPS has been overstepping the boundaries of fan fiction by including stories of sexual assault, violence and rape using their “favorite” male idols. Anyone is free to write, access and distribute these disturbing stories. RPS took what once used to be stories of innocent romance and they turned it into extreme perversion and violence. Rapper BewhY is one of many who has expressed his frustration by taking part in the hashtag. Surprisingly, he was met with extreme taunting and hate. His “fans” went as far as accusing him of being a part of the nth room scandal.

| @bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram
  • “Why are there so many uncomfortable guys haha”
  • “Son Simba is a part of the nth room so aren’t you a part of it as well?”
  • “They said it’s because they don’t want to get sued but I’ll send you a capture of the pdf and I’ll send it over”
  • “BewhY has the face of someone who would take part in the nth room ha ha since you look similar to them, do you guys have similar tastes? ha ha”
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Another fellow rapper, Son Simba has also stepped up to ask for punishment against these shocking stories and the creators behind them.

The Show Me The Money rapper has been active on his Instagram page, sharing his thoughts and keeping his followers updated on the petitions that they can sign.

| @simbasonof/Instagram

You can’t ignore the situation that has been created. There are people who are creating and selling their stories as well as drawings of real people. They are advocating for perversion but there are people who are busy trying to conceal it?

— @simbasonof Instagram

The rapper also shared the progress of the petition that has been circulating online. This petition seeks punishment of those who participate in writing RPS stories..

| @simbasonof/Instagram

High School Rapper 2 Rohann is another rapper who has stepped forward in the midst of the RPS media coverage. Unlike the previous two rappers, however, he revealed through his Instagram story his personal experience with RPS. While the majority of the text is scribbled out by the 20 year old rapper, there is one part that he explicitly left visible to his followers. The specific part reads, “Rohann’s genitals”. He uploaded this story with the caption,

Still of Instagram story | rohannlxiv/Instagram

Wow, it’s disgusting. #rpsisasexualoffense

— @rohannlxiv/Instagram

This is just one example of the many RPS stories that are circulating online. Rapper Rohann is no longer considered a minor in South Korea, but keep in mind that he is still only 20 years old. Many are truly disturbed by these outrageous stories and the fact that so-called “fans” are out there writing such things.

20 year old rapper Rohann | Dazed Korea

Netizens are getting on board and asking for the judicial system to consider these RPS stories as sex offense crimes and to punish the perpetrators as such.


Source: Insight, JoongAng Daily and DongA