Famous Rapper And CEO Is Shaken By The Low Ticket Sales Of His Agency’s Concert — So He Makes The Concert Free For Everyone

What about the people who already bought tickets?

Rapper Swings responded to the low ticket sales of his label’s concert by suddenly turning it into a free concert for anybody to come and enjoy.

Swings is the CEO of the agency AP Alchemy, a big company that houses five labels founded by the rapper: Just Music, Indigo Music, WEDAPLUGG RECORDS, Mine Field, and Sugar Beats. Some artists include GIRIBOY, Kid Milli, Black Nut, Han Yo Han, and more.

Swings with AP Alchemy artists Yoon Da Hye, Jinbo, and INJAE (left to right) | AP Alchemy

As a label, AP Alchemy was to hold a concert on June 3 called AP Alchemy Compilation Concert in Seoul, featuring their artists and guest performers like C JAMM and JUSTHIS.

| @ap_alchemy/Instagram

Swings was disappointed to find out that the concert did not have enough tickets sold. On May 17, Swings posted a video talking about this.

I’m here to talk about our concert on June 3. It was my mistake. I saw the current ticket sales and it’s not ideal. That’s why I’m trying to take responsibility.

— Swings


He showed his strong-mindedness and determination by sharing that instead of canceling the concert or getting discouraged, he would turn the concert into a free one. He then invited everybody to come and have a fun time, adding that those who had already bought tickets are in for a treat.

‘I’m going to cancel the concert and go into hiding…’ is what you thought I was going to say, right? No. I’m going to make it free. What that means is we’re not going take any money. Just come and have fun. If so, what’s going to happen to the people who paid already? We’re the most thankful to them so we’re, of course, going to give them a full refund and give them the seats they picked out. Please come.

— Swings

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

The concert will be held in the Tiger Dome stadium at Korea University, a stadium with 4,032 seats with the option of installing another 4,032 seat chairs—which means it can accommodate over 8,000 people at one event.

| Korea University

Knowing how big the stadium is, Swings still offered to give a free concert—but the audience has to do one thing.

A free concert for 5,000 people? Yeah! It’s on me. Make sure to wear safe shoes and bring lots of water. And promise me this one thing: listen to the albums a lot before you come. It’s more fun if you are familiar with the songs. And we can ping pong off of each other.

— Swings

Swings performing at the “Beat On Top Hip Hop Concert” in 2019 at the Tiger Dome | Voice Factory

Although Swings seems like the coolest CEO of all time with this grand gesture, he said it hurt his pride seeing how low ticket sales were. However, instead of letting it bring him down, he saw this as an opportunity to try harder to promote his artists and improve.

What I thought was our value didn’t match with reality. My pride was hurt. I didn’t see it coming. I have a lot of pride, so by next year, I’ll raise our value. I’ll do my best so please look forward to it.

— Swings


It was reported that about 800 seats out of the 5,000 seats were sold, filling only about a quarter. With Swings’ new announcement, we hope that more people show up and fill the stadium to support AP Alchemy.

Watch the video of Swings making this announcement on AP Alchemy’s Instagram account.

Source: AP Alchemy Instagram, Sports Chosun and Korea University
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