Rapper Changmo Stirs Controversy And Puzzles Fans With Instagram Update

Is he enlisting soon?

Rapper and producer Changmo recently stirred up both controversy and worry with recent Instagram updates. While netizens questioned the necessity of his words, they also wondered if he was off to the army soon.

It started with a post that some found offensive while others found it funny.

| @changmo_/Instagram

Traits of loser f*ckers. Less than 180cm tall (5 9″), can’t earn money.

— Changmo

He followed up with a cryptic sentence, “Males and females, please don’t fight!!! Spread the love!!

| @changmo_/Instagram

…as well as “let’s leave in peace! don’t fight.

| @changmo_/Instagram

People had things to say of course! Most found his post hilarious while some questioned his intentions.

  • “He’s right but LOL While not everyone under 180 is a loser, there are indeed many losers under 180”
  • “Wow Changmo is tall. He’s 183!”
  • “Changmo’s over 180? I thought he would be in the early 170s after seeing him a few times. I found out just now. Isn’t this kind of like self-promotion? Many would’ve just found out now too.”
  • [deleted comment]
  • “Wow, Changmo’s over 180.”
  • “Loser characteristics: Changmo’s the one that called them losers but they can’t curse at him so they’re taking it out elsewhere LOL”
  • “Is he an attention seeker?”

What really sent netizens into worry was his next update. In the update, he featured his prized Ferrari car, with a note that mentioned he would be selling it.

| @changmo_/Instagram

Everyone, don’t live life comparing yourself with others. I’m going to sell this now~

— Changmo

In South Korea, when a man sells his car for no apparent reason, it is likely that they would be enlisting soon. As they would be in camp for close to two years and only allowed out on leave days, a car would be redundant. Netizens wondered if Changmo would be enlisting soon. Being born in 1994, Changmo would have at least a year or two left if he wanted to delay enlistment until the furthest possible age. But at 28 years old in Korea, it might be advisable for him to enlist as soon as possible!

Stay tuned for more news about Changmo.

Source: theqoo