Rapper Cheetah And Actor Nam Yeon Woo Confirm Breakup

We hope they are doing well and continue their amazing activities.

Rapper Cheetah and actor Nam Yeon Woo have confirmed that they have ended their relationship after announcing it two years ago in 2018.

An official from Cheetah’s agency Ceuda Entertainment stated that “Cheetah and Nam Yeon Woo have recently ended their relationship. Though, it is difficult to confirm the reason for the breakup.” They added that Cheetah is doing well and is continuing to appear on broadcasts and prepare for an upcoming album.

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Nam Yeon Woo’s agency Hosoo Company also confirmed by saying “After confirming with Nam Yeon Woo, it is true that he and Cheetah recently broke up. However, they did not break up because of a bad relationship. They decided to remain good colleagues who cheer one another on.

Source: XSports News 1 and XSports News 2