Rapper Giant Pink Has Come To Terms With Victim Of Dog Mauling

“It wasn’t easy to meet and talk about the incident…”

The owner of the dog, Kkomi, who was mauled to death by rapper Giant Pink’s dog, stated she had reached an agreement with the rapper.

Giant Pink’s dog | @giantpink/Instagram

On June 16, news outlet Xsports News reported that Kkomi’s owner would be donating the settlement amount to charities that protect animals.

In an interview with the outlet, the owner stated that she had recently reached a settlement agreement with the rapper.

It wasn’t easy to meet and talk about the incident while coming to terms with the differences in our perspectives. I had to consider how to prevent this from happening to another animal. In the end, she promised preventative measures and agreed to a settlement amount.

— Kkomi’s owner

The owner stated that although she didn’t care for a financial settlement, however, she and her family felt it would be nice to use the money for a good deed.

At first, I wasn’t thinking of accepting any financial settlement. However, my family convinced me it would be great if we were to use the money for good to set a precedent. So we decided to accept the settlement and donate it to charities working for the well-being of animals.

— Kkomi’s owner

On May 15, it was reported that rapper Giant Pink’s dog had mauled a dog named, Kkomi to death. It was reported that Giant Pink’s older sister was at the accident and that the rapper had found out a couple of days after. At the time, Kkomi’s owner had written a post criticizing the rapper’s sister’s dismissive attitude that would go viral.

Rapper Giant Pink would apologize to Kkomi’s owner through the news outlet, Sports Dong-A.

I would like to meet the victim’s owner to apologize personally, and I am waiting to hear back. I would like to apologize for the pain this incident has caused. I hope to be able to apologize personally.

— Giant Pink

Giant Pink first gained attention for her appearance on Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstar and married her long-time boyfriend in 2020. The couple gave birth to their first child last March.

Giant Pink (left) and her husband (right) | @giantpink/Instagram
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