Rapper Giant Pink’s Dog Accused Of Biting And Killing Netizen’s Dog At A Park

Giant Pink’s side has not responded to the accusations yet.

A dog owned by rapper Giant Pink has been accused by a netizen of biting and killing their dog while at the Han River park.

Giant Pink’s black dog | @giantpink/Instagram

According to exclusive report from Xportnews, netizen “A” and their two dogs were victims of an attack by one of Giant Pink’s dogs while at the Han River park, which led to the death of on of the netizen’s dogs. At the time of the attack, Giant Pink’s older sister was in charge of watching the dogs, and Giant Pink was notified about the attack at a later date.

Late in the afternoon on May 7, I went to the Han River park to walk my two dogs, Kkomi and Yomi. While on my usual path, I sat down at a table with my boyfriend and a close friend of mine and we were chatting. At the table next to us, Giant Pink’s older sister, Giant Pink’s two dogs, and two men sat down. Kkomi moved close since she was a larger dog and usually got along well with other large dogs, so she thought ‘a friend is here.’ We still regret that moment.

— Netizen A

At the time Kkomi was moving closer to the table with Giant Pink’s dogs, one of Giant Pink’s dogs posed in a downward dog position and Kkomi returned back to the netizen’s table. But as Kkomi was going back to the table, Giant Pink’s dog suddenly jumped out, causing Giant Pink’s sister to fall off the bench due to the sudden movement. Giant Pink’s black dog jumped at Kkomi and bit her. Giant Pink’s dog was dragged away by its leash and the netizen immediately headed to an animal hospital, but Kkomi was pronounced dead.

Giant Pink’s social media update from May 8 with her white dog in the background | @giantpink/Instagram

It seems that when Giant Pink’s black dog big Kkomi and shook her around, she died instantly then.

— Netizen A

The netizen claimed that Giant Pink’s sister had a poor attitude in dealing with the situation. The netizen claimed Giant Pink’s sister was informed of the animal hospital that Kkomi was being taken to, but never showed up to check in on the situation.

When I asked her why she did not come to the hospital the day Kkomi was bitten, she said she was surprised and wasn’t able to calm down her dog.

I was so angry and I cried. Kkomi was lying there bleeding in the cold.

— Netizen A

Giant Pink’s dogs, shown on broadcast of SBS variety show Same Bed, Different Dreams.

The netizen was able to meet Giant Pink’s older sister two days after the incident, where she claimed she did not remember the situation.

I met Giant Pink’s older sister. She was dressed as if she just finished a work out and sat down with her legs crossed right away, without saying anything. I didn’t feel like she showed up to apologize.

— Netizen A

Since Giant Pink has shared broadcast time with both her sister and her dogs, the netizen knew her older sister wasn’t the real owner of the dogs. Five days after the incident, Giant Pink’s husband got in contact with the netizen, but overall the words and actions from the other side ended up hurting the netizen more than comforting.

Seeing Giant Pink hold her live broadcasts and living her good life broke my heart.

It hurts seeing her post pictures of her daily life on social media and going to dog cafes with her dogs. Not long after this incident, they felt like nothing happened.

Giant Pink’s husband runs a restaurant where dogs are able to also be present. Their black dog has been to that restaurant countless times. I know that if a dog bites a person once, it’s very likely they will bite again. Even dogs that have never bitten before, if it happens once, it could damage another person or dog.

— Netizen A

In the end, the netizen stated that they did not intend for their story to be slanderous, but to prevent any future events similar to this one and reduce the number of future victims.

Neither Giant Pink nor her agency have commented on the report yet.

Source: Xportnews