Rapper From “High School Rapper” Appeals For Leniency In Court After Charges For Drug Use

He asked for another chance.

Rapper Yoon Byung Ho, also known by his artist name Bully Da Ba$tard, who is facing drug charges, appealed for leniency in court.

The 23-year-old rapper was a former contestant on the hip-hop audition program High School Rapper 2. On July 12, it was reported that Yoon Byung Ho was arrested for violating drug use laws by using synthetic narcotics and marijuana.

Yoon Byung Ho on “High School Rapper 2” | Mnet

During the appeal trial, Yoon Byung Ho gave his final statement saying that he would pay for his crimes by making music.

I will pay the price for the crimes I have committed and wash away my past mistakes as a rapper while engaging in music activities.

— Yoon Byung Ho

He further expressed regret and admitted to the drug use but asked for another chance so that he could get proper treatment.

Even while under investigation, I regretfully took drugs without realizing that I cannot quit on my own… If the court gives me one more chance, I will receive treatment with medication in a hospital. I will live with a repentant heart, serving society through music.

— Yoon Byung Ho

Earlier this year, in February, the rapper was sentenced to four years in prison in the first trial for smoking marijuana and taking methamphetamine at his residence in July of last year. In a different trial from his current charges, he was indicted for attempting to purchase fentanyl from November 2019 to April 2020 and attempting to buy methamphetamine in June 2022. He received an additional sentence of two years and six months in prison at the recent trial at the Yeoju Branch of the Suwon District Court’s Criminal Division. Yoon Byung Ho has a prior record of being arrested and punished for drug use, and he was already undergoing trial for drug use at the time of his indictment in July last year.

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Previously, Yoon admitted to most of the charges in the first trial but denied some of them during the appeal trial. He explained the reason for changing his statement. He also claimed that he only purchased the marijuana but did not inhale it.

The investigative agency did not believe what I said, and at the time, my lawyer also advised me to admit the crime without considering the sentence… During the appeal, I wanted to tell the truth.

— Yoon Byung Ho

On this day, the prosecution demanded a 10-year prison sentence for the rapper by combining the previous first trial verdict and the recent separate sentencing case. The verdict for Yoon Byung Ho’s appeal trial will be announced on August 29.

In 2020, Yoon Byung Ho admitted he suffered from drug addiction in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“High School Rapper” Contestant Reveals He Suffers From Drug Addiction

Source: Wikitree and The JoongAng
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