Rapper KK’s Fast Return To Korea Causes Netizens To Raise Eyebrows

“Shouldn’t he reveal his bank statements?”

On April 3, rapper KK shared a post asking people for help in covering his unexpected medical costs after getting into a big accident in Thailand.


One day later, a media outlet reported a statement made by a local, who stated that KK’s pneumonia was getting better and he decided to return to Korea on April 6 to continue his treatment in Korea.

The fact that KK, who was desperately seeking financial help, was returning to Korea after just 2 days of sharing the post has been causing netizens to raise eyebrows. Some have been expressing that it was not right of him to ask people for help in his situation.

  • “It hurts my heart because he’s hurt but why is he begging on Instagram… Get a loan or ask your family for help.”
  • “The accident is unfortunate but I can’t believe you wrote a letter to the public asking for financial help when you got into the accident while playing at your hotel swimming pool. Isn’t it normal to  ask your family and acquaintances or at least get a loan to gather medical bills?”
  • “There should be a sign that prohibits diving in the swimming pool and it’s your fault for ignoring that. Even if there wasn’t a sign, diving at a swimming pool? It probably wasn’t easy to write a post like that but it doesn’t look good either. In the end, you got hurt because of your carelessness during your vacation. I think it’s right that you remove the bank account info and be thankful to those who helped you.”


Others made sarcastic comments towards the rapper and criticized his actions.

  • “Why is the f**k is he collecting money after getting hurt playing around at his hotel in Thailand.”
  • “Wow, he must’ve gathered the money already. Shouldn’t he reveal his bank statements? He doesn’t even have to pay tax, how convenient.”
  • “The account number is still on Instagram so he still wants to receive more money. What is he doing collecting money on Instagram due to his carelessness? Just because he’s a celebrity, they write articles about it for him, how nice.”
  • “The one begging for money is weird but the ones sending the money are even weirder.”
  • “An unknown rapper begs for money after playing around, checks that he received the money and is returning to Korea. Just go to h*ll this is making my furious.”


Meanwhile, others continue to show support for his recovery.

  • “I saw reports. I support KK and your family. Please do not be too concerned about malicious comments.”
  • “I think people can ask for help in difficult times and others can offer help if they can. It’s all everyone’s own choice so I don’t think this is something that should be criticized.”
  • “Please stay strong.”
Source: Star News