Rapper Lee Young Ji Is Going Viral After Her Recent TikTok Activity Relating To SEVENTEEN’s BSS

She’s living her best “Y/N” life and isn’t afraid to flaunt it!

One of the hottest stars right now has to be rapper Lee Young Ji. From her insane talent to her hilarious personality on variety shows and her own drinking show, the rapper continues to be iconic in every way.

Young Ji recently went viral after her hilarious activity on TikTok… all because of SEVENTEEN.

Rapper Lee Young Ji | @youngjo_02/Instagram

For years, she has been a huge fan of SEVENTEEN, and CARATs couldn’t hide their excitement when the group’s subunit BSS (Hoshi, Seungkwan, and DK) announced Young Ji would be collaborating on their song.

SEVENTEEN’s subunit BSS | @pledis_17/Twitter

BSS recently released their track “FIGHTING,” and the SEVENTEEN members and Lee Young Ji truly shined in an addictive song.


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Of course, it was a huge deal for Young Ji as the rapper has shared her love for SEVENTEEN and her CARAT status for years.

In the past, Young Ji even had the cutest reaction on a variety show when the producers announced that she was going to speak to Hoshi on the phone. As soon as she heard Hoshi’s voice, Young Ji definitely had the most relatable reaction.

Even when speaking to Hoshi, despite her fame, she was a true fangirl and even pointed out that she would write comments under their videos when she was younger.

Of course, even though her fame has continued to grow and she has featured on the BSS track, Young Ji has still been praised for just being a true fan.

During Young Ji’s Inkigayo fancam, netizens loved how excited she seemed watching the three SEVENTEEN members ahead of her own rap part.

As she started walking on, she almost seemed nervous at the idea of performing alongside them, but her expression changed instantly as she got on stage and showcased her amazing skills.

Yet, what caught the fans’ attention and had them LOL’ing was Young Ji’s recent activity on TikTok. The rapper is always active on the site and it’s not surprising that she’s looking at videos about herself.

One TikTok that gained attention was from a fan who shared a video about Young Ji truly living the Y/N life. The video was from Music Bank and was taken by reporters covering the four stars arriving at the studio.

The same user then shared that Lee Young Ji had not only liked her video but had added it to her favorites.


Replying to @go minsi’s btch OHMYGADHHH IM FANGIRLING SO HARD HUHUHUHUU I LOVE YOU YOUNGJI #leeyoungji #bss #hoshi

♬ 파이팅 해야지 (Feat. 이영지) – 부석순 (SEVENTEEN)

When the video was shared on social media, netizens went crazy. They loved how relatable Young Ji was being with her activity, doing something that any fangirl would do if they got to work with their favorite idols.

Even people on TikTok couldn’t get over the interaction and how close Young Ji is to the members of BSS.

You can read more about Lee Young Ji being a successful fan below!

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Source: @gominsiyedam/TikTok