Rapper Lee Youngji’s Incredible Transformation After 10kg Weight Loss

She was gorgeous to begin with.

Rapper Lee Youngji showed off her amazing new figure after a successful diet. She lost about 10kg over a period of a few months, impressing fans with her determination. As it was over the course of a few months, many praised her for not doing crash diets that may be detrimental to health.

Here is her late last year.

In just a few months, she managed to shed the pounds successfully.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

While she was uniquely gorgeous (not to mention talented) before, the weight loss showed a dramatic change in her face shape and body.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

Of course, one thing we love about Youngji is that she has always been rocking up to the stage with confidence, regardless of how she looks like.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

We are also in love with her rainbow bangs.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

She pulled off the clothes like no one else could.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

In a hilarious comment, rapper Swings even asked for her diet menu!

“Let me know the diet menu.” | @youngji_02/Instagram

We’d love to know her secret too!

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