Rapper Loco Announces Marriage To Hometown Friend

He penned a heartfelt letter to fans.

Rapper Loco has announced his marriage to a hometown friend. He had reconnected with her coincidentally and their love blossomed. He sought fans’ well-wishes through an announcement posted on his Instagram.

Along with a single white heart emoji on a blank image, he conveyed his heartfelt words.

Hello, everyone! I have a personal piece of news for you. Right after I was discharged from the military, I happened to meet up with a same-aged friend that grew up in the same neighborhood as me since young, for the first time in a while. I didn’t know why but the time we spent together was heart-fluttering and we quickly became lovers.

And we have spent a happy and precious time together these past two years, while always respecting each other’s work. So, we naturally came to make a promise of forever.

She’s someone who understood better than anyone else, how anxious and unconfident I always was, offstage. Thanks to her, I am now able to make a decision for myself without being afraid, and I think I can lead a happy daily life without any anxiety. Perhaps fans would know about this but she’s the “soy latte girl” I often talk about in the lyrics.

As things are still cautious thanks to the pandemic, we will be having a quiet ceremony this autumn with close friends and family. I wanted to tell you guys this decision personally, with all my gratitude to you guys for always supporting me.

Somehow, 10 years since my debut has passed. Thanks to the fans,I’m able to continue to promote with my heart always full and thankful. I’m in the midst of the work that I have planned for the year, and I think I’ll be able to continue to see everyone often through various performances and my album which will be dropping soon.

I’m always grateful and please continue to be healthy!

— Loco

Congratulations to the happy couple!