Rapper Owen Questions Gender Equality After Getting Rejected for a Pedicure

The nail shop told him that they didn’t give pedicures to men.

Rapper, Owen recently shared an incident that happened at a nail shop and vented his anger toward the rejection of a pedicure.

Owen recently took to his Instagram to reveal what happened.

I went to get my nails done, but they said they didn’t do pedicures. But when I went there, their price chart for pedicures was right there inside the shop. When I asked about it, they said they don’t do pedicures for men.

– Owen

He then went on to express his views on gender equality.

Gender equality, my ass. I’m disgusted.

– Owen

Owen also attached a photo of a news article detailing an incident of a woman in her 40s who stalked g.o.d‘s Danny Ahn.

She committed indecent assault and even broke into his house. But she only got sentenced to 10 months in jail? If she was a man, would it have ended at just 10 months in jail and 40 hours of sexual assault treatment program?

– Owen

But the rant didn’t end there.

Owen went on to share a story about a friend of his in America.

A friend of mine got targeted by a gold digger, and he was an American but got his PR taken away. I heard from the other person’s perspective, since she wasn’t an American, in the case that she got raped, she would get compensated by the US with a PR.

– Owen

He continued,

Is making men into the criminal and the guilty one what Korea perceives as gender equality and feminism?

– Owen

Owen is a well-known rapper in Korea, who became famous through his appearances in multiple seasons of Mnet’s Show Me the Money.

Source: Dispatch