“Show Me The Money” Rapper Owen Ovadoz Under Fire For Making Sexual Comment About ITZY’s Ryujin

This has happened to him before.

Rapper Owen is under fire for his inappropriate comments regarding ITZY‘s Ryujin.

Rapper Owen Ovadoz | International BNT

Owen, who has been the target of numerous controversies before, has found himself in the middle of another one. The backlash began when the rapper responded to a specific comment that was made about him online. The original comment, however, mentioned ITZY’s Ryujin, which has created an uproar from ITZY fans.

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Original comment: Honestly, I think our Ryujin unnie‘s rap is better than yours…
Owen: Yup. Her rap was conceived and birthed by my sperm.

ITZY’s Ryujin | Hankyung

While the comment has since been deleted, netizens immediately left comments expressing their disgust at his response. They also accused him of sexually harassing the ITZY member with his comment.

This is not the first time that Owen has found himself in the middle of a sexual harassment controversy. The rapper was previously under massive scrutiny when he said he “can’t stand white b**ches. I want to rape them” during one of his Instagram lives.

Owen’s Instagram live | @owenmyown/Instagram

The rapper was also previously embroiled in a marijuana controversy after reports of his drug usage were made public. Due to the backlash, the rapper ended up dropping out of Mnet‘s Show Me The Money, and his parts were eventually edited out of the program.

Rapper Owen Ovadoz blurred out on “Show Me The Money” | Mnet

He became the center of even bigger backlash when he dragged the Black Lives Matter movement during another Instagram live session. He was quoted saying, “Why do I need to acknowledge the struggles of black people? Why do I have to? I know what the campaign is. I don’t give a f**k man, I’m still making money. Say I’m canceled, say I’m canceled. There’s nothing you can do about it.” 

Owen’s Instagram live | @owenmyown/Instagram

Since his numerous controversies, the rapper has remained relatively quiet and out of the spotlight until now. While the rapper has apologized for his previous controversies, he has yet to make a statement regarding his comment about ITZY’s Ryujin.

Source: Money Today, Insight and Huffington Post Korea