Rapper pH-1 Reveals Heartbreaking Story Behind The “X” Tattoo On His Pinky

It’s a reminder to himself of what to watch out for.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Jay Park and pH-1 made an appearance where they chatted about various topics.

In particular, pH-1 revealed the heartbreaking story behind the “X” tattoo on his pinky finger, gaining sympathy from viewers.

He confessed that he was in a long-term relationship with a woman back in America before he began his career in Korea.

And when he decided to pursue his dream in Korea, they agreed to make the long-distance relationship work.


However, the woman could no longer handle it leading to their breakup.

As a result, pH-1 got a tattoo on his pinky finger as a heartbreaking reminder to himself.

I ended up having a long-distance relationship when I came to Korea. But we ended up breaking up. So I got a tattoo of an ‘X’ out of heartbreak. Since all promises break, it’s a reminder not to make any promises pertaining to human relationships, including love.

— pH-1

When pH-1’s ex-girlfriend found out about this, she apparently reached out to him to apologize for hurting his feelings.

She must’ve heard me talk about this somewhere. She contacted me and apologized for hurting me.

— pH-1

Check out his full story below:

Source: Insight
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