Rapper Simon Dominic Causes A Stir On Instagram As Fans Mistakenly Thought He Was Expecting


Rapper Simon Dominic accidentally caused a stir on Instagram recently through his Instagram story. He had uploaded a home test kit for COVID-19, and posted the negative results on his story.

However, due to the similar likeness between a COVID-19 test kit and a pregnancy test kit, he made sure to write the caption, “Before going out. It’s not a pregnancy test.

| @longlivesmdc/Instagram

However, he must have been flooded with DMs from fans, for he uploaded it once again and circled the COVID-19 sign on the stick with a caption that repeated, “It’s not a pregnancy test…

| @longlivesmdc/Instagram

Honestly, who could blame the fans? Here’s how a usual pregnancy test kit looks like. It also shows the results using the lines.

He soon became a hot topic, with his Google search terms related to “pregnancy test” and “pregnancy“.

Looks like it was just a common misunderstanding! He is not currently in a public relationship neither is he married.

Source: theqoo