Rapper Sleepy Leaves A Comment On BLACKPINK Jennie’s Instagram And Reveals Himself As A Total BLINK

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Recently, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie posted this lovely set of photographs on her Instagram, posing with strawberries.

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It’s strawberry season, a.k.a Jennie’s favorite time of the year! Jennie also made sure to sweetly ask her fans, “what are Blinks up to?

To many fans’ surprise, Rapper Sleepy also left a comment on her post, outing himself as a Blink! He replied, “Blinks are at home.

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This is not the first time that Sleepy has shown his love for Jennie and BLACKPINK. Previously, the two had an absolutely adorable interaction when he copied her hair from How You Like That and named himself Slennie. Jennie even responded and told him he looked great in it!

What a sweet friendship!

Source: pann