VIXX’s Ravi To Leave The Cast Of “1 Night 2 Days” After 2 Years And 4 Months

He will be missed!

VIXX‘s Ravi announced that he will be leaving KBS’s 1 Night 2 Days online. Recently during a Naver VLIVE, he stated, “The reason I came to you today is because I have something to tell you directly. I recently came back from the last trip for ‘1 Night 2 Days’. I have decided to talk about it here first because the last trip will be broadcast soon”.

With this, Ravi will be leaving the cast for the show after two years and four months. He also hinted at enlisting in the military, “Something has not been decided yet exactly, but now is the time to prepare. I always feel that times goes by so fast, but it really seems fast”.

He added, “I’m doing my best on the things I have to do and can do these days. I’m preparing for a new album and working hard at the company. Above all, I’m working hard to prepare a concert so we can meet and have a good time”.

Source: star news