Ravi May Have To Re-Enlist In The Military

The idol will be re-examined for active duty.

Ravi, who recently was sentenced for illegally evading active duty, may have to re-enlist.


On August 11, news outlets reported that there was a possibility that the idol may have to go back into the military, this time as an active soldier.

News outlets reported that although Ravi received a light sentence, he is once again eligible for active military duty. A media outlet wrote as per the Military Service Act, those who are found to have evaded active duty by falsifying health records will have to be re-examined by military doctors and re-enlist per the results of the new examination.

Ravi And Nafla Receive Sentences For Evading Military Service

Previously, Ravi was sentenced to two years probation for falsifying his health records through an illegal broker in order to evade active duty. The idol has been working as a social worker since last October after Ravi falsely claimed that he had epilepsy.

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The judge in the case reportedly stated that he considered the possibility of Ravi re-enlisting as an active soldier in his sentencing.

Ravi lied about his epilepsy symptoms and conspired to be exempt from active duty, and thus his crimes are grave. However, I considered the fact that he doesn’t have any prior criminal record and that he regrets his actions, and I also took into consideration the fact that once found guilty, he will be re-examined for active duty.

— Judge

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