Ravi And Nafla Receive Sentences For Evading Military Service

The court gave different rulings for the two artists.

K-Pop artist Ravi and rapper Nafla have been sentenced for illegally evading the mandatory military service.

Ravi | @ravithecrackkidz/instagram
Nafla | hypebeast.kr

On August 10, the Seoul Southern District Court’s Criminal Division 7 sentenced Ravi to two years of probation and Nafla to 1 year in prison. The former will get 1 year of prison sentence if he commits any crime during his probation period.

Ravi is accused of falsifying his medical history to state that he had epilepsy in order to evade military service, while Nafla is alleged to have lied about his depression in order to receive civil duties during his enlistment. Back in April, the Seoul Southern District Court held trials for Ravi and Nafla on charges of violating the Military Service Act, in which prosecutors asked the courts to sentence them to two years and two years and six months in prison, respectively.

Ravi at the hearing

According to the prosecution’s indictment, Ravi had acted as per the scenario planned by a military service broker and had pretended to faint in order to receive a medical examination at the hospital. In 2021, he submitted a medical certificate to the Military Manpower Administration with a diagnosis of epilepsy. He received an alternate service decision thanks to this falsified diagnosis.

Nafla at the hearing

On the other hand, Nafla was assigned as a public service worker at the Seocho-gu office but remained absent from work for 141 days in order to be judged unfit for military service with the pretext of declining depression symptoms.

Source: Star News