Korean Rapper Under Investigation For Trying To Evade Military Enlistment

He is a well-known rapper in Korea.

According to reports, South Korean rapper Nafla, the winner of Show Me The Money 777, is being investigated for his alleged involvement with illegal military brokers.


The suspicion arose while police were investigating a large-scale broker operation in the country that has assisted celebrities, athletes, and wealthy individuals in evading mandatory military service. The brokers helped forge medical documents for their clients to get them exempted from duty or get appointed to non-military designations.

During the investigations, some well-known names came up as the recipients of this illegal service, including VIXX‘s RAVI and “D.P.” actor Song Duk Ho. Now, Nafla (real name Choi Seok Bae) is also facing suspicions that he illegally evaded his enlistment to serve as a social worker. The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office’s Military Corruption Investigation Team is investigating whether or not the rapper worked with the broker “Mr. Gu” who aided the other celebrities.

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It is suspected that in 2021, Nafla tried to get out of enlistment by applying for divided service, which allows one to pause their military service and resume it after some time, stating depression treatments as the reason, which would eventually get deemed unfit to serve. At the time, he was serving as a social worker at the Seocho-gu office.

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Between 2021 and 2022, the rapper allegedly postponed his enlistment for a total of 18 months on seven different occasions. He also filed two applications for non-compliance with service, but apparently, he was not declared unfit for service. The prosecution reportedly seized and searched the Seochu-gu Office last month to retrieve evidence regarding Nafla’s evasion of enlistment.

In 2019 and 2020, the rapper was punished by law twice for smoking marijuana, which is illegal in South Korea.

Source: KBS