RBW Entertainment Updates Fans On The Renewal Discussions Of MAMAMOO’s Contract

Here are the results of discussion so far.

On January 22, 2021, RBW Entertainment announced that the girls of MAMAMOO are currently undergoing contract renewal discussions with the company.

According to news outlets, RBW Entertainment’s representatives believe that the members of MAMAMOO have built up a strong trust towards each other and the company, and although their current contract period has not expired, the company wished to give the girls ample time for consideration. Hence, the company brought up the discussions for renewal early, in order to convey their desire to work with MAMAMOO in the long run.

| RBW Entertainment

The company decided to official release a statement to the press to prevent rumors from going around. It was reported that Solar and Moonbyul have already completed renewals while Hwasa and Wheein are positively discussing their opinions with the company. The company expressed that due to the members’ strong love and pride for the group, they are anticipating a positive result.

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MAMAMOO debuted in 2014 and has since seen huge success, being branded and proven as a multi-talented girl group destined for stardom. 2021 marks their 7th year into their careers.

Source: Star Today