RBW Releases Official Statement Regarding ONEUS Ravn’s Departure From Group

They have decided to respect his decision.

Recently, ONEUS’s Ravn was swept up in cheating and gaslighting rumors from an alleged ex-girlfriend. RBW has released an official statement regarding Ravn and the group’s future.

Hello, this is RBW. We sincerely thank fans for loving the group ONEUS, and with a heavy heart, we are announcing the departure of member RAVN. We want to inform you about Ravn’s withdrawal from ONEUS.

Regarding this issue, Ravn was concerned about the damage it was causing to the ONEUS members and fans and voluntarily decided to withdraw from the group. After careful discussion with the members, we have agreed to respect the opinion of the voluntary withdrawal. Therefore, Ravn has officially withdrawn from the group as of today.

ONEUS plans to continue its activities as a five-member group in the future. Besides Ravn’s withdrawal, we have discovered false facts and malicious editing in articles related to Ravn as we plan to reveal the clear facts through litigation. In addition, strong legal action will be taken against indiscriminate and malicious slander against the company and the artists. Regardless of whether the post was true, we also feel responsible for the lack of artist management.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people due to the issue of our artist’s private life. We hope for a lot of interest and support for ONEUS’s activities in the future, and once again, we bow our heads in apology for causing concern to the fans.

Source: daum cafe


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