15+ Relatable Fan Reactions To BTS’s “Stay Gold” Music Video

ARMYs can’t get enough of BTS’s new music video.

On June 26, BTS released a new music video for “Stay Gold”, the lead single on their 4th Japanese album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY. From the cinematography to the members’ visuals, fans were completely blown away. Here are 15+ reactions that will make you say, “same!”

1. Where are you?

2. WARNING: May cause heart to soften…

3. …or stop completely

4. The highlight of 2020

5. Bring the pain on

6. Topping today’s searches:

7. Y’all mind if I scream?

8. ARMY to the rescue!

9. Same. Same…

10. Sir, please have mercy

11. Jin, stating the obvious

12. Well, he’s not wrong

13. I spy with my little eye…

14. I’m not crying! Oh, wait. Yes, I am.

15. Hearing purple

16. I. Just. Can’t.

Watch the music video here: