Upcoming Reality Show Is Making Headlines For Allowing 3 Couples To Date One Another 

Jang Do Yeon has been confirmed as the host.

An upcoming reality television program is garnering heavy attention for its unique plot line.

Still from “Change Days” teaser | KakaoTV

KakaoTV‘s upcoming reality show Change Days is launching soon and the response has been hot. Change Days is a reality dating program that features 3 couples who are considering breaking up their relationship or have been wanting to for some time. These couples head to Jeju Island for a week where they have the opportunity to go on dates with each other’s partners.

Caption: “3 couples who are contemplating break-ups.” | KakaoTV

KakaoTV’s YouTube channel uploaded official teaser videos to excite viewers and the sneak previews are already amping up netizens. The unique concept of the show, which has been unheard of in South Korea has been receiving very divided opinions.

| @KakaoTV/YouTube
  • “Hahahaha omg what is this hahaha is this real? Did they not have a meeting when they were discussing this show? Not a single person opposed this idea???”
  • “Is this for couples who move on quickly right after they breakup hahaha they’re going to regret it later on. This is basically a motive to cheat so who in their right mind is going to want to marry these people hahaha at least they’re all dating and breaking up with like-minded people so that’s good.”
  • “Cheating in K-dramas is one thing, but now in a variety show there’s cheating and divorcing…I wonder if there will be an upcoming program for people who want to divorce? Even if the times are changing, this is really not it…I have no words…it’s a swapping show…even if you’re catering to OTT (Chinese media platform) this is still too much…”
  • “Wow this is crazy…how could they make a show like this…breakups+cheating motives”
  • “You’re f**king crazy to use this as a show concept! They’re not married, but they’re essentially like a married couple. How could they have such a blatant display of cheaters on a show like this. I have no words.”
Still from “Change Days” teaser | KakaoTV

In the teasers, the participants can be heard saying things, such as “you’re the type of person I’d get married to” and “I had so much fun today that I didn’t think about my girlfriend once” to those that were not their significant others.

Caption: “I didn’t think about my girlfriend all day today, really.” | KakaoTV

Comedian Jang Do Yeon was confirmed to be the host of the show, garnering even more excitement for its premiere.

Comedian Jang Do Yeon | YTN

Change Days is set to premiere its first episode on May 18 at 5:00pm KST. Check out the teaser down below.

Source: WikiTree