The Hilarious Reason Why BTS’s RM Feels Like Complimenting Jin Never Works

He still loves complimenting Jin anyway!

BTS‘s Jin is very handsome, and he knows it!

BTS’s Jin | @hourlyyoonjin/Twitter

BTS recently released footage from their 2021 FESTA Family Portrait photoshoot, and they all looked incredible during the shoot.


In true BTS fashion, the members couldn’t stop complimenting each other on how cool and handsome they looked in their photos.

While waiting for his own individual photoshoot, RM watched Jin pose for pictures. Like the rest of the world, he was blown away by how handsome Jin aka Worldwide Handsome is!

As he watched Jin, RM said, “Jin! You’re so handsome. You look so handsome in your photos.”

Jin asked, “I’m handsome?” Then, RM simply responded “yes.” 

Jin hilariously answered, “I’ve never not been handsome in the morning.” No lies detected!

RM is used to Jin’s admirable confidence, and he seemed to expect Jin’s answer. He said, “His answers are always the same, so I don’t feel like I’m complimenting him anymore.” 

Still, RM tried to compliment Jin again when he noticed him taking photos on his phone next to the monitor his FESTA portrait was displayed on. RM asked, “What, are you taking a photo with a celebrity?” This time, Jin simply pretended not to hear him and kept snapping photos of himself.

Although Jin jokingly brushed off RM’s compliments on his visuals, we bet he appreciated them!

See the full 2021 FESTA Family Portrait Shooting video below.