The Reason Fans Are Mad About Yerin’s Latest Tik Tok Challenge

Fans are outraged by the way she was treated.

Many fans have expressed discomfort in the latest TikTok challenge posted by singer Jung Yerin.

The major concern fans seem to have is the show Yerin appeared on with comedian, Jo Ju Bong. He seemed to continuously make Yerin look visibly uncomfortable through attempting to touch her, which she responds by flinching away.

Although some may argue that it’s part of the skit, fans were upset with the way the singer was treated in both the TikTok and Youtube skit that she was part of.

The TikTok challenge featured the same comedian and his song, “Do you know Dr. Hong?” which also became controversial for its inappropriate content.

The song itself is about women who want to grow the size of their breasts, and men who want to grow the size of their genitals.

It’s become a popular challenge on platforms such as Youtube shorts and TikTok. Despite it’s lyrics, it’s said to have been popular with children as well.

I knew the lyrics from the beginning from Shorts. But, I was shocked to hear that it’s popular among elementary school kids. The lyrics only mention womens’ breasts, but the man who asks if they know Dr. Hong’s legs are shaking (telling them to grow bigger.)

— theqoo user

However, involving Yerin, a female idol, in a challenge featuring this sexually-natured song seemed to add fuel to the fire.

  • Asking a female idol to do something like this… Oh, I really hate it.
  • Hah, what kind of agency is this? They ask a female idol to do something like this… I really don’t know.
  • Yerin’s solo debut song was good. But is this the same company as back then? Stop targeting Tik Tok and start investing in the song.
  • Yerin’s agency is so old. I just feel so bad for Yerin. They should get rid of this kind of stuff, but they make her do all sorts of weird things and the structure of things like popular reels is all messed up.
  • Wow, I really hate it.
  • They asked a female idol to write lyrics about sexual harassment.

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Source: theqoo and theqoo