Here’s The Amazing Reason Why Hyeri Chopped Off Her Long And Luscious Hair After 5 Years

She did it for a reason.

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri has been flaunting her long and luscious locks now after not touching it for 5 years.

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But she just decided to cut it all off, and she did it for all viewers to see.

On her official YouTube channel, Hyeri chopped off her long hair by tying it up into two ponytails and simply cutting them off with scissors.

And it was refreshing to watch.

But she didn’t simply cut off her long locks because she needed a change in hairstyle.

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Her reason was much more meaningful, which was that she wanted to donate her hair to children with cancer.

I’m planning to donate my hair to people who need it more than I do. That’s why I cut my hair, but my heart feels even richer after doing it.

— Hyeri

| @hyeri/YouTube

Props to Hyeri and her heart of gold!

| @hyeri/YouTube

She also looks just as fantastic with short hair!

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