Police Agent’s Raid On Hook Entertainment Is Alleged To Be Part Of A Bigger Investigation Into Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun

The actress’s agency was raided on November 10.

Park Min Young‘s agency, Hook Entertainment, is facing embezzlement charges amid allegations of having ties to the actress’s ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun.

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Previously we reported that on November 10, federal agents from the National Police Agency raided the Chungdam offices of Park Min Young’s agency, Hook Entertainment.

Police agents conducting raid | SBS news

Federal agents searched the offices for evidence from 12 PM to 5 PM. As it is incredibly rare for federal agents to raid an entertainment agency, there has been much speculation as to the reason why the raid was conducted.

According to an SBS report, the CEO of Hook Entertainment and the agency’s board of executives are facing embezzlement allegations. The news report alleged that the agency is considering filing enhanced charges as per the country’s Act On The Aggravated Punishment Of Specific Economic Crimes, which calls for more severe punishment for economic crimes surpassing ₩5.00 billion KRW (about $3.78 million USD).

An insider confided in SBS News, stating that the raid is a show of confidence by prosecutors, stating that the search warrant proves prosecutors are confident they have a winnable case against the agency.

The fact that a search warrant was granted means that they have already found evidence supporting the allegations. The fact that the search warrant was executed and they raided the office without first subpoenaing those involved shows that the agency is confident they are able to prove the allegations are true.

— Insider

According to SBS news, some are stating that compared to Hook Entertainment’s revenue, the amount police are alleging to have been embezzled is too large, giving credence to allegations that the raid into the agency was part of a larger investigation into Park Min Young’s ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun.

The raid into Hook Entertainment follows previous raids by authorities into businesses that are alleged to have links with Kang Jong Hyun. Media outlet Dispatch has previously alleged that the agency has ties with Kang Jong Hyun.

Kang Jong Hyun | Dispatch

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that on the day of the raid, Park Min Young finished filming for her tvN drama Love In Contract and immediately flew to Japan.


Source: sbs