The Reason SEVENTEEN Believes Making Their Own Music Is So Important, According To Woozi

The members are heavily involved in the songwriting and production process.

SEVENTEEN is highly involved in the creation of their music, and Woozi recently opened up about why the group believes taking part in the creation of their albums is so important.

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi | @SVT_Membership/Twitter

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET), the group was asked why they felt it was important to compose and produce the tracks from their latest mini album, Attacca.

| Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

Woozi told the interviewer, Denny Directo, that the group has been “directly involved in our music” since their debut and that being a part of their albums’ creation feels natural to them now.

Woozi then explained that many Carats take pride in the fact that SEVENTEEN helps to create their own music. He said the members challenge themselves to meet their fans’ “increasing expectations” and to give the same love back to Carats that the group receives from their fans.

Hoshi totally agreed with Woozi, and he expanded on Woozi’s statement. He said the members have “great affection” for their performances, which plays a role in their determination to work so hard on their music. He also emphasized that the members all share their ideas and “participate enthusiastically” in the creation of their music.

Clearly, SEVENTEEN deservedly takes great pride in the fact that they are involved in their music!

Check out the full interview below.