“Reborn Rich” Actor Lee Sung Min Has Audiences Raving About His Acting — Netizens Demand He Win This Year’s Daesang

“Put his name on the Daesang award.”

Actor Lee Sung Min has Korean audiences praising him for his acting on JTBC‘s hit drama, Reborn Rich.

Lee Sung Min | JTBC

In the drama’s latest episode, Lee Sung Min’s character, Jin Yang Chul, gives Song Joong Ki‘s character, Jin Do Joon, an offer to run Soon Yang Group’s financial arm. The offer was a defacto confirmation that Jin Do Joon was to be the chairman’s heir to take over the company.

Then, unfortunately for Jin Do Joon, Jin Yang Chul gets into an accident. After, the chairman learns that his grandson Jin Sung Joon had plotted to assassinate him and is shocked by the revelation.

He falls into a state of delirium and accuses Jin Do Joon, who he mistakes for Jin Sung Joon, of trying to kill him.

I am scared. Why are you trying to kill me?

— Jin Yang Chul

The scene is acted out masterfully by Lee Sung Min, who, until this scene, portrayed his character with bulletproof gravitas. Audiences reacted to the actor’s range, and the scene has since gone viral. Throughout several online communities, netizens praised the actor and declared that he should win this year’s Daesang Award for Best Actor.

Jin Yang Chul, who was crying when he learned a family member tried to kill him, doesn’t recognize Jin Do Joon and tries to run away… Lee Sung Min, what else will your acting slay?

— @j0ggin/Twitter

  • “Give him the Daesang.”
  • Daesang, let’s go!”
  • “He deserves the Daesang. Please take it easy on us with your acting.”
  • “Put his name on the Daesang award.”
  • “Give him the Daesang!”
  • “Just give it to him.”
  • “What do you mean (he deserves the) Excellent Acting Award? Put his name on the Daesang.”

Even before Reborn Rich, Lee Sung Min was a respected actor in Korea, having won acting awards for his breakout role in the hit drama Misaeng, as well as in the drama Memory. The actor’s popularity, however, seems to have reached new heights through his portrayal of a conglomerate in Reborn Rich.

Haven’t started the drama? Check out the trailer in the link below!

Source: theqoo and Wikitree
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