Recent Episode Of “Psick Show” Receives Backlash For The Guest’s Outrageous Behavior On Camera

“This can’t be real…”

Psick Show, one of the most popular YouTube talk shows in South Korea, recently hosted a controversial guest, Jiho Givenchy, in one of its latest episodes. He is a rapper who has appeared as a contestant on multiple seasons of the Mnet show Show Me The Money and debuted independently in 2019.

Jiho Givenchy | Spotify

During his appearances on the Mnet show, the most highlighted parts of his screen time were the non-rap-related antics he would often indulge in. Some of Givenchy’s clips from the show have resurfaced on social media following his controversy, and netizens are baffled by them, to say the least.

The Psick Show episode kicked off on an awkward note when Givenchy walked into the frame with his “bodyguard” in tow, who introduced himself as Teo. When the hosts tried to offer Teo a seat, too, Givenchy refused on his behalf and kept repeating, “He good, he good.” Though it looked like the guest was trying to pull off a bit, Teo didn’t look like he was happy to play along with this situation. But things escalated even further when Givenchy claimed that Teo, a Black man, was his blood because, apparently, his “great great great grandfather is African.”

The hosts still seemed uncomfortable with Teo not getting a seat, but Givenchy said that they should pretend like they can’t even see him while laughing and clapping at the situation. He then went up to Teo to hug him, which was reciprocated rather awkwardly, further indicating that his participation in this entire shenanigan was probably not too willing.

As the episode proceeded, Givenchy started to hand Teo random items to hold for him and continued with his attempts to establish himself as connected to the Black community. “My heart, my soul, is African,” he repeated. The episode didn’t go much further since Givenchy couldn’t seem to cooperate with the hosts, and finally, Lee Yong Joo concluded the filming abruptly.

The relationship between the Korean hip-hop community and the American Black community has always been tumultuous. Complaints of Korean artists treating Black culture as just an aesthetic with no real respect for the community are neither new nor infrequent. Givenchy’s behavior, especially how he tried to use a Black man as an inanimate accessory, has stepped on the nerve of many Black K-Pop fans for that reason.

Some also found clips of his performances on Show Me The Money, which they felt were not even good enough to qualify him as a part of the K-HipHop community.

Though the show’s three hosts added a clip apologizing for the chaos at the end of the episode, to many, its tone sounded like an attempted satire.

Netizens feel that Givenchy’s behavior warrants an apology, and the hosts should also apologize sincerely for giving him a platform to showcase his problematic behavior. However, those who are familiar with Givenchy are skeptical whether he would ever apologize and advised others not to give him too much attention.

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