Recent Photo Of Fan Bingbing Sparks Rumors She Is Pregnant

Netizens think she’s pregnant.

A recent photo of Fan Bingbing out in public has sparked rumors among the Chinese and Korean community that she is currently pregnant.

Fan Bingbing was spotted at the Beijing Capital International Airport on December 4 prior to her flight to Los Angeles, for her visit to help dub her upcoming movie 355, which also stars Jessica Chastain, Penélope CruzLupita Nyong’o, and Diane Kruger.

During her appearance at the airport, she was seen wearing a loose white shirt with a black jacket over it, but what caught netizens’ attention was her stomach, which appeared much larger in comparison to the rest of her body.

Her agency denied such pregnancy rumors, claiming it was due to her diet and addressing her to be careful.

It’s a problem due to her big appetite. The food abroad is high in calories, so please work hard and control your diet.

— Fan Bingbing Studio

Some Korean netizens are not buying her agency’s explanation however.

  • That does not look like a stomach you get from eating too much…
  • Even if she did gain weight, who gains weight only at their stomach area like she did? Unless she has tapeworms or something similar. I suspect a pregnancy
  • Are they joking? How are her arms and legs still so skinny, with just her stomach bulging out? Why are they trying to make excuses for something so obvious?
  • Did all of the food and nutrients go right to her stomach? Did they really think we will believe that statement?
  • I’ve eaten a lot before, that stomach is not from just overeating.
  • I’ve had 2 kids, that looks like a pregnant belly.
  • Just from the picture… she looks pregnant

Fan Bingbing has been hit with pregnancy rumors multiple times both before and after her divorce with Li Chen in June 2019. There were rumors surrounding her in March, July, and August 2019 after she made her return to the public eye.

Source: Sports Chosun