A Recent TWICE V-Live Causes Massive Panic After One of the Members Receives a Deadly Message, Here’s What We Know

We really hope JYPE responds.

During a recent TWICE V-Live, ONCEs began to freak out after seeing a horrific message posted in the live chat.

A user under the name GFRIENDHATERS9 wrote a comment threatening Tzuyu‘s life by posting that he was going to attempt to kill her on January 30, 2019.

Due to the nature of V-Live, live chat comments usually scroll by so fast that it’s difficult to know if any of the group members saw it – even moreso since it was written in English (a language none of the members are strong in).

While trolls are obviously a thing in K-Pop, in recent years the line between troll and obsessed sasaeng have become much more dangerously blurred – to the point where death threats could potentially be an actual threat.

I mean, just ask Apink about it.

In any case, ONCEs immediately took to Twitter to try to let JYPE know the situation and investigate just in case it might not be a false alarm.

The main tweet that brought the issue to the fandom’s attention quickly spread throughout the community, being liked, shared, commented on, and retweeted thousands of times.

While JYPE has yet to issue a statement about the situation, some K-Pop fans dug around and uncovered that this user has also threatened other idols in the past.

While the original tweeter (among others) seem to ultimately agree that the user is likely a “harmless” troll, some users do want JYPE to still look into things just to double check that the members of TWICE will be safe.

We think it’s possible that the company might respond as the story gained decent traction across social media when the news first broke.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates (if any) are made regarding the situation.