A Recent Viral Edit Video Of BTS’s Suga Featured A Popular Japanese Song And Now ARMYs Suspect He Might Be Collaborating With The Original Artist

It might not be just a full-circle moment.

For the past few weeks, fan-made edit videos of BTS‘s Suga featuring one particular Japanese song have been everywhere on the internet. The song is “Shinunoga E Wa” by Japanese artist Fujii Kaze. Though the track itself is two years old, it resurfaced and quickly went viral this year, prompting many edit-style videos. ARMYs felt that the song’s sound is almost representative of Suga’s charms.

But now, ARMYs are suspecting that a collaboration between Fujii Kaze and Suga might be in the works, and they have a few solid reasons to believe so.

It all started with Suga’s latest Instagram post, where he uploaded two black-and-white pictures of him with long, fluffy hair, promptly making fans lose their mind over his visuals.

However, many also noted the undeniable resemblance the pictures had to the covers of two Fujii Kaze albums, Help Ever Hurt Never (which is the album that features “Shinunoga E Wa”) and Help Ever Hurt,

| @fujiikaze/Instagram

| @fujiikaze/Instagram

But the flames of speculation actually got wind after Kaze reposted the picture on his story the same day and ended up deleting it a few hours later.

Many ARMYs recalled that Suga was recently in Japan, which adds to the credibility of the theory that a Suga x Fujii Kaze collaboration might have happened.

Though there is no official information available on this, given the history of BTS and their love for teasing ARMYs, all of this could very well be more than just a coincidence. Now, only time can tell if these two hitmakers will actually get together to gift the world a chart-breaker.