“Do You Like Brahms” vs. “Record of Youth” – The Youth Dramas That Captured Viewers Hearts

Here are what netizens have to say about them.

This month, we are treated to not one, but two youth dramas, Do You Like Brahms? and Record of Youth. The latter generated more buzz originally, due to its stellar cast including actors Park Bo Gum from Love in The Moonlight and Park So Dam of Parasite fame. For those still thinking if they should commit to either drama, let us take a look at the two in terms of viewership and buzz to help you make that decision.

1. “Record of Youth”

Record of Youth tells the tale of a semi-popular model, Sa Hye Jun, played by Park Bo Gum. He aims to become a famous actor instead. He feels small compared to his best friend, Won Hae Hyo (Byeon Woo Seok), who has a famous and rich mother to support his career. They meet Ahn Jeong Ha (Park So Dam), an assistant makeup artist who is a longtime fan of Hye Jun.

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The drama has hit its highest ratings yet, with 7.2% for its latest episode. It has entered the top 10 viewerships for tvN dramas. Netizens are also praising the drama for being entertaining, claiming that it gets rid of their Monday blues. The drama is currently airing every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm KST. It is also available on Netflix.

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2. “Do You Like Brahms?”

This one is a little bit more dreamy in terms of cinematography and directing compared to Record of Youth which feels just a touch more gritty, but it is equally as moving. Do You Like Brahms? is about a highly successful pianist, Park Joon Young as played by Kim Min Jae, who keeps crossing paths with 4th year music student, Song Chae Ah (Park Eun Bin).


Chae Ah keeps her head down and thus is often the target of many who take advantage of her quiet personality, and Joon Young slowly helps her by using his authority in the industry. In return, she provides emotional comfort as he untangles the relationships around him. The drama has hit ratings of 7.3% for its last episode, aired on SBS. It plays every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm KST.


Do You Like Brahms? is often praised for Kim Min Jae’s skill in portraying heart-fluttering moments with nonchalance, stealing the hearts of many viewers.

Both dramas have hit its stride in viewer ratings, and it seems that they will only go higher from here on out. Both dramas have its respective strengths, so why not just tune in to both?

Source: theqoo and news1