Park Bo Gum And Park So Dam Share A Steamy Kiss In “Record Of Youth” And Boy, It’s Getting Hot In Here

Prayer circle for Park Bo Gum to be discharged from the military like now.

Record of Youth is tvN‘s latest romance drama that touches on the realities of life when chasing your dreams. Although it can get a little emotional seeing the characters face discouraging situations not so far off from our own, the drama makes sure to give a little sugar as well.

In the latest episode, we got a much-awaited kiss scene, and boy, was it steamy! If you’ve already caught up on your weekly double-dose, why not relive the moment here with us?

The way Park Bo Gum is so much taller than her is absolutely adorable. Plus, it makes it possible for him to do this…

…he leans in with one hand on the door just has us swooning. That jawline! That perfect 45 degree angle! Also, we love how Park So Dam‘s character pulls him in first. Way to go, girl!

Oh to be Park So Dam…

Netizens were similarly impressed by Park Bo Gum’s impressive kissing skills. He’s basically perfect at this point.

Comparatively, his kiss scenes in earlier dramas such as Love in the Moonlight and Reply 1988 almost seem tame in comparison, although equally as sweet.

We loved his gentle character, Taek, in Reply 1988.

He really showed off his acting chops in this sageuk with Kim Yoo Jung!

We’re a little lightheaded from all that swooning but if you’ve yet to hop on the Record of Youth train, the show airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm KST on tvN and Netflix.

Source: theqoo