Red Velvet’s 3rd Full Album Is Finally Underway — Members Tease With Comeback News

“Are we supposed to say that?”

The youngest member of the popular K-Pop quintet, Yeri, has dropped a major bombshell. During a live broadcast held on August 1 to commemorate the group’s anniversary, Yeri excitedly announced that Red Velvet‘s long-anticipated third studio album is finally underway.

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Nine years ago, on the same date, SM Entertainment introduced the world to Red Velvet. Since their debut, the group has carved out a formidable place among the company’s biggest acts, breaking countless records with their unique sound and vibrant visuals.

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However, despite their consistent success, Red Velvet’s discography has only housed two full studio albums since their debut in 2014, a fact that has not sat well with the group’s ardent fan base.

The fans have been consistently vocal about their wish for a third full album from the group. The demand took a rather visible form recently when fans sent protest trucks with messages to SM Entertainment, urging the company to prioritize the release of Red Velvet’s third studio album, among many other concerns. The fans’ wish, it appears, is about to be fulfilled.

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After an hour of fun games and endearing interactions during the eventful broadcast, the members prepared to wrap up their time together. As they expressed their gratitude to fans for their unwavering support, Yeri decided to leave the fans with a thrilling cliffhanger.

As Wendy pointed out, “We’re currently preparing something, right?” Joy playfully retorted, “Are we supposed to say that?” hinting at the big news to follow.

The suspense was then cleared by Yeri, who stepped up and announced the amazing news for ReVeluvs, and all music lovers around the world.

Do I say it? We’re preparing our third full album. After this live, we’re going to have a meeting for the comeback. We have a goal to release it the second half of the year.

— Red Velvet’s Yeri

| Red Velvet/YouTube
| Red Velvet/YouTube

After Yeri wrapped up her announcement, she asked the group’s fans to wait a little bit more and anticipate the album release, Seulgi chimed in. The group’s main dancer acknowledged that fans had indeed been waiting for a long time — echoing the sentiments expressed by Reveluvs globally.

That’s right, they’ve been waiting for so long…

— Red Velvet’s Seulgi

The announcement brings a wave of excitement and anticipation to the Red Velvet fandom, who have been patiently waiting for this moment. Several keywords related to the announcement started trending, just minutes after Yeri’s teaser, in South Korea and Worldwide.

As the second half of the year unfolds, Reveluvs can now look forward to new music from their favorite quintet, a welcome development after a lengthy wait. Yeri’s announcement is sure to send ripples of joy through the fandom, proving that the long-anticipated third album is no longer a distant dream but a thrilling reality in the making.

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