Red Velvet to announce fanclub name 7 months after their debut

Just seven months after making their debut in August 2014, SM Entertainment‘s rookie girl group Red Velvet will soon will soon announce their official fanclub name.

According to a notice posted on March 17th titled “Red Velvet Official Fanclub – Supporters Recruitment Guide,” the official fanclub name for the group has been confirmed.

However, before announcing its name, the fanclub is currently looking and recruiting a formal team of local supporters for the rookie girl group to lead Red Velvet fans. Those interested can apply for the positions, which will be followed by a series of interviews, and will be open up until March 29th.

Following the official recruitment of the fanclub’s leaders, it can be assumed that it is only then Red Velvet’s official fanclub name will be revealed to the public.

Red Velvet recently released their first mini-album Ice Cream Cake, and will be promoting their double title track “Automatic” and “Ice Cream Cake.” New and fifth member Yeri will be making her official debut on the stage this week as well.

Source: Red Velvet Website