Netizens In Awe Of Red Velvet’s Insane Visuals…On Public Transportation Cards

No matter the place, they slay!

The members of Red Velvet are taking the term “visual” to new heights!

Out of all places, each member is showing off their flawless visuals on transportation cards known as Cashbee.

Cashbee cards are used for accessing public transportation in Korea. There are various limited edition releases featuring various K-Pop artists and acquiring your biases card is a must for dedicated fans!

However, this series of Red Velvet is by far one of the most gorgeous releases. With the soft color palette and model-like poses, it seems more like a photocard that you would find in an album!

From the train backdrop to the members’ soft expressions, everything creates a nostalgic feeling of a first love.

“The members are all pretty with different vibes… Red Velvet has no visual holesㅠㅜ,” one netizens writes. Each and every girl has their own unique beauty shown through this lovely photos!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get one before they come off the shelves!

Source: Nate Pann

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